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Awaken Your Inner Potential: The Powerful Benefits of Kundalini Yoga

Seekers of enlightenment and fellow Global Souls! Are you ready to embark on a journey that will not only stretch your body but also elevate your mind and spirit? Say helloooo to Kundalini Yoga – the ancient practice that’s like a spiritual espresso shot, awakening your inner energies and setting your soul afloat. Once I found this practice – I totally geeked out. Now, I not only practice it daily, but I teach it online in my home-based practice through a 40-Day Sadhana system. I also loooove educating people on the powerful benefits of this thousands of years old lineage.

I’ll be honest, from the outside looking in, it certainly looks strange – ok, maybe even downright weird lol, but once you dive into the incredible physical, physiological, energetic, emotional, mental, and spiritual benefits of Kundalini Yoga, you will understand why it is the cornerstone practice for so many people. This is just a glimpse at what an illuminating ride Kundalini Yoga is:


Kundalini Yoga isn’t what you might imagine as a typical yoga class, but we still use asana – postures – to access the transformative yogic experience. The postures used are intended to stimulate, stretch, pressurize, strengthen and awaken your entire system. Some postures feel deeply relaxing – stimulating a parasympathetic (rest and digest) response, while others will challenge you to your core and make you dig for your endurance and perseverance (that’s one of the parts I looove). Beware because these sneaky little postures sometimes appear to be quite simple and easy – until you are holding them for an extended period of time – and then BAM your perseverance and inner strength must kick in! As a result you’ll experience increased flexibility and mobility, toned muscles, strength, endurance and improved posture…and that is just the surface level stuff.


As you progress through Kundalini Yoga postures and pranayama breathing exercises, you’ll ignite a biochemical orchestra within your body. You are a product of your glandular system – that is, the powerful and teeny endocrine organs positioned throughout your head, neck, chest and abdomen. These super organs work in response with the hypothalamus to determine how to regulate the nervous system, emotions, stress, rest, growth – you name it. As you exercise in this particular way it’s basically like asking them to work efficiently and release hormones that bring your physiology back into balance. Feel those endorphins, dopamine, and serotonin? They’re like your body’s very own cheerleaders, giving you a blissful boost and celebrating your journey to joy and wellbeing!


If your emotions are a rollercoaster ride, Kundalini Yoga is the control panel you’ve been looking for. Not only due to the amazing hormonal balance you’ll receive (which is a huge contributor) – but also due to the way the practice is designed to poke at you – provoke you – and create a safe space to hold and observe your emotions. You will inevitably grow on a psycho-emotional level. As you gain awareness, practice patience, observe to understand and integrate compassion for what it is your emotional body is trying to teach you – you’ll learn to navigate through life’s ups and downs with more grace and resilience.


Yoga aims to awaken the dormant “serpent” energy – Kundalini – coiled at the base of your spine. The positive pressure and stress applied to the physical body creates an electrical charge in the subtle energy body. Kundalini is an energy that, when awakened, will radiate the highest potential within you. This radiant light will rise or “slither” up your spine to unleash the purest version of YOU. Think of it as your inner superhero, unleashing a torrent of vitality and creativity…you’ll be buzzing with life!

Piper Hogan Global Soul Yoga meditating with student in front of gong

One of the things I hear the most about yoga is “Oh, I can’t meditate…my mind won’t be still.” *insert Kundalini meditations here please* These specific postural practices prepare us for multi-faceted mediation techniques. The meditative tools of chanting, breathwork, mudras (hand gestures), movement and visualization tend to give both beginners and busy-minders something intentional on which to concentrate. In return, it actually helps you focus more deeply and reign in the incessant mental modifications. You will clear the mental clutter and sharpen your focus.


Kundalini Yoga is one of the express elevators to your spiritual awakening. It is a tool to rekindle a weak or long-lost connection with God. You are a cosmic spirit on an earthly adventure. You will be deeply reminded that you are not alone – oh no,  in fact, you are a part of a very big universe that wants to see you thrive. It helps us look at life from a higher perspective – one that aids us to see that we are a part of a big ole beautiful whole.


While this practice in particular gives a really cool focus on being a part of a whole, not separate from, but ever connected to all of life; it simultaneously empowers us to own our uniqueness with total authority. As you heal past traumas and transform, you start to embody your dharma – soul’s purpose. Suddenly, you find yourself feeling more bold and determined to use your unique skills and talents to contribute selflessly to the world. Become more confident and willing to take leaps of faith based on fulfilling your unique purpose.


The spiritual path can sometimes be a little serious – but the entire point is to “enlighten” up, right? One thing I love is this practice can be – when you allow it – infused with just the right amount of humor. My first Kundalini Yoga teacher, Sada Simran (one of the coolest humans ever R.I.P.), was brilliant about creating a spiritual and deeply contemplative practice and yet encouraging it also to be totally full of joy with the right amount of silliness…which is good because Kundalini Yoga has its fair share of quirky practices. You may experience some deep belly laughs, full body shakes, and silly noises – you name it…but it’s another reason to fall in love with Kundalini Yoga because who said enlightenment can’t be a little giggly?


Kundalini Yoga involves a variety of tools and techniques that we use to accomplish all these totally powerful benefits and more. Two of the tools we integrate are mantras (repeated sacred words or phrases) and mudras (hand gestures) which can amplify your experience. Mantras can cleanse your mind and elevate your vibrational frequency, and mudras aid us to channel energy.

TRY IT: Chant “Sat Nam” while holding Gyan Mudra.

  • Sat Nam is a foundational phrase that means Truth Is My Identity.
  • Gyan Mudra is a gesture of embodying wisdom
    • Touch the tip of your index finger to the tip of your thumbs on each hand and place palms face up on your knees.
  • Sit either on your hips in an easy pose – or maybe on your knees.
  • Chant for 3 minutes and let the breath self-regulate.
  • Enjoy a few moments of stillness and observe the aftermath impact.


Feeling the cosmic vibes yet? It’s time to take the plunge and enroll in our FREE 7-Day Beginners Kundalini Yoga Challenge! Prepare to awaken your highest potential, stretch your limits and ignite your spiritual journey like never before. I will not only guide you – but educate you through the set up, purpose, breathwork, and meditations that will leave you feeling refreshed, renewed, and ready to lovingly conquer the world – all with a smile on your face!


Kundalini Yoga isn’t just a practice; it’s a cosmic adventure that will uplift, inspire and empower you. As you embrace its physical, physiological, energetic, emotional, mental, and spiritual benefits, you’ll find yourself not only more in tune with yourself but also with the God and the universe. So why wait? Join our 7-Day Beginners Kundalini Yoga Challenge and let the journey to your best self begin.

It’s time to awaken your inner potential.