7-Day Beginners Kundalini Yoga Challenge

Looking to kick-start or inspire your Kundalini yoga practice? Overwhelmed with the techniques and depth of this style? Oooohhh do we have you coverd! This Beginners Kundalini Yoga Challenge is for you!

What it is:
This is a FREE 7-Day challenge that lays it all out so you can start your Kundalini journey with a major understanding of what makes up this dynamic style of practice. 

Who this is for:
While this challenge is perfect for the brand new student – it will benefit anyone who is interested in, simply loves or teaches yoga.

 Brand New Students – If you are brand new, with no exposure to yoga or Kundalini at all – but curious – this is the perfect challenge to walk you through step-by-step some of the most important aspects of this practice. Instead of being thrown into a class with only time for 1-2 sentences of explanation – feeling overwhelmed – or quite frankly totally lost and confused on what the heck is happening – in this FREE CHALLENGE – Piper will walk you through the various techniques and guide you in a short practice. You will feel totally acclimated and knowledgeable by the end.

• Current Students – If you are a current yoga student – this challenge will help you re-base and restructure your approach. Sometimes we practice without understanding what we are doing, or build habits within our practice that are not fueling our energy to our advantage, so this challenge will help you fine-tune. Receive an educational look at kriyas, chanting, mantras, pranayama breathwork and meditation that will blow your mind.

• Yoga Teachers – If you are a yoga teacher – its advantageous for us all to bring ourselves back to the 101 from time to time. This challenge will inspire you to not only commit to the importance of your own practice – but boost the way you share and explain how radical Kundalini yoga is to your students. 

What’s included:
In this FREE 7-Day challenge, you will receive short educational lectures that unpackage the how’s and why’s of some of the most important and highly used Kundalini Yoga techniques. Each lecture is followed by a short Kundalini practice that allows you to have an experience to embody the knowledge.

What to expect:
Join Piper for 7-days of online guided practice. Each day a new class will hit your email inbox, then you just choose when the time is right for you…and practice! These recorded sessions can be done in the comfort of your home or anywhere else you have wifi.  

Enroll today:
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7-Day Beginner's Kundalini Challenge