Electromagnetic Field & Auric Perception

Everything is energy. Energy vibrates. Whatever frequency your vibration consistently emits makes up the entire field of energy in which you exist – your aura…and that field is constantly speaking to the entire universe and attracting more of what you vibrate. In this 40-day practice we concentrate on learning and embodying a higher vibration to totally upgrade your life.

In your own dedication to consider and integrate the divine, we know you need to practice when it works with your schedule. We are happy to host options for pre-recorded practices so you can choose exactly when you want to be guided through a class. Get super dedicated and select from pre-recorded 40-Day sets or whisk off to magical places with our Global Experiences filmed around the world!

Create your own sacred space – connect to wifi – hit play – and you are off on your way to a transformative moment in time.

Stay tuned with us as more are released month by month! We can’t wait to share and practice with you!