Unlock Lasting Change: The Profound Significance of 40 Days

Ever catch yourself in a repetitive loop? React to life the same. Desire a big change. Get super inspired. Start something new – then bam – you blink and slip back into the same old patterns. UGH! Sometimes creating real change seems insurmountable…but for thousands of years, the secrets to unlocking lasting change have been passed down so that we can break cycles and empower ourselves into higher living. Discover why just 40 days of discipline rewires your subconscious, syncs with lunar cycles, and mirrors the trials of biblical figures. Join us on a journey of self-discovery and lasting change…

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Awaken Your Inner Potential_Global Soul Yoga

Awaken Your Inner Potential: The Powerful Benefits of Kundalini Yoga

Say helloooo to Kundalini Yoga – the ancient practice that’s like a spiritual espresso shot, awakening your inner energies and setting your soul afloat. I’ll be honest, this practice can look downright weird lol, but once you dive into the incredible physical, physiological, energetic, emotional, mental, and spiritual benefits of Kundalini Yoga, you will understand why it is the cornerstone practice for so many people. If you are looking for an illuminating journey – this is it.

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My Transformative Yoga Beginnings: How Yoga Radically Changed My Life

I was letting myself down. I was totally full of pain and quite honestly, completely depressed. I craved to spread my wings but couldn’t figure out how to release myself from this “bird in a cage” feeling. What I didn’t know – is all of that pain and hardship – was leading me directly to one life-altering invitation that would radically transform my ENTIRE LIFE…

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