Happy, Healthy, Holi | India Yoga Retreat

Join Global Soul in India, Spring 2024. Travel around and explore multiple locations to get a true taste of the culture and history of this beautiful country – not to mention make memories of a lifetime during their annual Holi Festival! Final dates, price and details will be announced in coming weeks.. Reserve your spot today – as this retreat has limited space – for a refundable deposit of only $350.

We have traveled our souls all over the globe! Check out our Photo Albums to see a few of our favorite moments from some of our past retreats and picture yourself living your best travel life with us!

Connect deeply while traveling the world during one of our extraordinary international retreats. Saturate in new cultures, create memories of a lifetime and become a true Global Soul.


In her early life, Piper got a taste of travel and it ignited a crazy passion in her immediately…BOOM LIFE CHANGED. She decided during her first trip – at the age of 13 – that she was determined to travel to every country in the world. During that trip to Belize and El Salvador (thanks to her amazing father, Chick) – she remembers being struck with awe to witness and experience the vast beauty and difference of a new land and culture. Due to some major difficulties during that vacation – she learned that traveling required some tenacity, flexibility and bravery. This served her well as she continued on to travel to over 100 countries to date. 


After living abroad multiple times and graduating college, Piper found yoga and BOOM LIFE CHANGED again! As she dove in head first to not only completely saturate in yogic practice and education – but also to leave her corporate job to teach full time – she instantaneously knew that her two loves of YOGA + TRAVEL would mix. After a few years of teaching, she used her expertise in traveling to radical places and started hosting International Yoga Retreats. She has grown immensely from each retreat – each person she shares the experiences with – and for more than a decade she has hosted mind-blowing retreats all over the world. Too many good memories to count!


We can grow so much from various styles of travel – and that’s why Global Soul offers international retreats that all have very different vibes. Here are the three main energies of our Global Experiences – and while each vibe often overlaps another – all are uniquely and carefully curated to create an experience that can never be duplicated. 


These experiences take place at one single location – often a super special retreat center that specializes in hosting yoga groups. We practice yoga and meditation 1-3 times daily as a huge baseline of our experience – explore ourselves and our practice in workshops, healing arts and community time. The vibe of this retreat is a Samadhi Experience – healing, elevating your consciousness and absorbing into the awe of life.

This style truly feels like a retreat – a pause on your everyday living, unplug – and immerse yourself into your life as a spirit having a human experience…calling all people who want to further explore their practice and transform.

EXAMPLE: 14 days in Peru – at the beautiful Samadhi Retreat Center – eating farm-to-table vegetarian cuisine, hiking Machu Picchu with spiritual guides, exploring the healing art of creating clay pottery at a local shop, ceremonies hosted by Shamans, workshops to determine what you value most in life, and 1-2 sessions of yoga per day looking out over the Andes Mountains.


Our traveling experiences are like no other retreat you will find out there! This is one of Piper’s all time favorite ways to travel – and she has talent for curating these adventures. This style feels like an epic road trip with tons of friends. Pack light and prepare for a total whirlwind – adventuring, hiking, meeting people from all over, history, nature – we are on the GO! With a light yogic base – we still practice daily, often before we load up for the day – or in special locations we visit, like temples.  

Accommodations tend to vary place to place – and you may find yourself one night glamping in the desert and the next night in a luxury 5 star hotel. 

These trips are great for anyone who wants to really explore and get to know the country we are visiting – loves cultural immersions – and is willing to be flexible and relaxed. This is also great for people new to traveling who want the guidance and expertise of someone to create a wildly unique itinerary. 

EXAMPLE: 7 days in Morocco – road tripping through the Atlas Mountains. Caravaning in multiple jeeps as we make our way through multiple cities staying in various riads – glamping in the Sahara desert for two nights – ride camels to the highest dunes at sunset – lunch with a true nomadic family – see how they hand make Moroccan rugs – return to the hustle of Marrakech to explore the markets and stay in super unique and amazing traditional Riads within the walled city.


Think bucketlist, once in a lifetime (although we offer these often lol), staying in an overwater bungalow style retreat. Turquoise waters, luxurious accommodations, beach life, spa treatments and total relaxation. Rejuvenate with these retreats that are intended to create total bliss in some of the most unreal places on earth. Practice yoga 1-2 times daily and have ample open time to slow down.

These Dream Life retreats are for anyone who loves the ease of a luxury experience but wants to enjoy the perks of vacationing with a conscious community. This experience feels like – take a deep breath and aaaaahhhhhhh, this is the good life.

EXAMPLE: Take a seaplane out to a remote island in the Maldives – stay in an overwater bungalow with see through bathroom floors and disco balls over your bathtub. Walk onto your balcony to swim in your private plunge pool or walk directly into the warm salty ocean where dolphins and rays are swimming about. All-inclusive Maldivian food and drinks, special cultural dinners, pool parties, beach volleyball, lunch on a private island, snorkeling and sunset cruises.


We host these variety of retreats because Piper knows the value of traveling and exploring the world in different ways. Therefore these Global Experiences are suited super well for:


You will have the benefit of traveling with a trusted and experienced traveler. Someone is in your corner, helping you navigate the multitude of things that go into international travel.


You will be impressed with how carefully curated each of these retreats are and the amount of inclusions. Experience a vacation with a community of like-minded people that will allow you to create memories of a lifetime unlike any other trip. 



Everyone gets the perk of signing up and showing up – knowing all that all the details have been handled. Aaaahh now that sounds nice. Receive guidance on all details of your trip – from required visas to traveling logistics. Trust that a life-changing experience has been set up for you and relax as you prepare for this adventure.


There is something wildly unique about traveling with a conscious community of people. I’ll be honest, while group travel doesn’t always populate a radical image in my head haha, this type of group travel truly allows us to enhance our experience and pour into each other. Relationships formed over just a few days of travel are stronger than you could imagine – thanks to the opportunity to share in new experiences together. You will leave with lifelong connections.


Our Global Experiences are all designed specifically to invoke a spiritual experience that uses the world as our playground to grow. Become inspired to travel to a place that you never thought you would go!


We are so happy to partner with people from all around the world to make these dream vacations come true. With the research and planning of each retreat – we make it a point to carefully select each partner and always prioritize working with locals which allows us to pour directly into the people of the country we visit.

We also consider and work with our partners to ensure we are traveling as responsibly as possible – from what we eat, how we travel, cultural and legal rules we should mind to…to mindfully eliminating or decreasing our plastic use. We want to leave each of these special locations better than we found them.


Come along on one of our upcoming GLOBAL EXPERIENCES to forge relationships within a global community and trengthen your connection with yourself. Expand your spirit while adventuring the world. 

If you can’t join one of the upcoming retreats – keep checking back because new Global Experiences are announced often. Until then check out our Global Classes on the Practice On-Demand page to practice with Piper as she guides you through yoga and meditations from locations all around the world.


What They’re Saying

“This was a great teacher training program. We covered a lot of interesting material and learned so much! Overall it was a wonderful experience. I would recommend this training to others. Very grateful to be able to work with Piper.”

RACHEL EKLUND Training Graduate

“Piper has put together an incredibly diverse curriculum. I feel prepared to teach several styles of yoga and I gained solid knowledge in so many areas such as yoga history, Hindu/Buddhist philosophy, anatomy, the breath and more. She added to the in-class time with meaningful homework and a book selection that I know I will refer back to again and again. This school is appropriately called Global Soul as she puts her heart and soul into each student and creates not only a wonderful curriculum, but a wonderful experience. I strongly recommend her 200hr training course to anyone considering becoming a yoga teacher or looking to enhance their yoga knowledge.”

RACHEL WIXSON Training Graduate

“Global Soul an amazing, one-of-a-kind experience!! I would recommend it to anyone interested in yoga on any level!!”


“This program was transformative. It provides such a wealth of knowledge for the students as well as physical and practical application of the practice. I have and will continue to highly recommend this program to anyone interested in learning to teach yoga. What I took away from this training changed my life forever.”

ASHLEY GOO Training Graduate

“This program was extraordinary and life-transforming. Piper Sandifer is an experienced teacher and leader that has created a top-notch program for instructors. She is professional and cares about her students with all her heart and soul. The content of the program, the practice opportunities and rich experiences in and out of the classroom all completely exceeded my expectations.”

GIMENA MAZZETTI Training Graduate

“Piper Sandifer is SO committed to her students. She has such a passion not only for yoga, it’s philosophies and history, but for teaching this to others in a beautiful, down to earth way. I felt I was learning from a true sage in a safe and loving environment.”

ELAINE OLOFSSON Training Graduate