About Us

The act of sharing our passions is at the heart of everything we do

Global Soul, Global Vision

Live Joyfully.
Connect Deeply.
Experience Fully. 

At Global Soul, we offer more than just body movement. We guide our practitioners with a variety of yogic tools, technologies and experiences to develop a deep connection within their body, mind and soul. We use our practice to awaken and elevate our consciousness and partner that with a willingness to grow and expand. We accept the struggle in life and train to use pain as heat that aids in our own spiritual transformation…choosing to live joyfully within each circumstance.

We use yoga to heal, evolve and expand.

Tapping into your Global Soul creates the opportunity to thin the veil of illusion and see beyond the life in front of you. There is deep purpose in your existence. When we connect deeply to the source of life, the truth of our connection to all of existence is revealed. As we live more deeply connected, we exist within the natural laws of abundance and life feels vibrant.

At Global Soul, we use the meditative practice of conscious living to fully experience God. We work with you and help you create life habits that heal, override fear, allow you to confidently dissolve boundaries, transform and breathe new life into each moment.

Expand into your Global Soul.

Our owner Piper lives and leads Global Soul through these beliefs:


Remember who you are! The ultimate aim of yogic practice is to yoke to God – the universal consciousness – that from which you were made…and embody your birthright to thrive. We will not shy away from this topic. As you walk your own unique life experiences, we act as a catalyst for living self-actualized and joyfully connected


We will knock on all your doors and shake the foundation. We will ask the hard questions. What is the purpose of your life and how can you live and breathe that dharma? We will practice in a way that pokes at us, provokes us to bring up the internal drama, confront and neutralize it so that we can exist in an elevated state and experience life fully.


Adopt the Godly qualities of truth and compassion – practicing for them to become our auto-pilot response to all of life. We dissolve the egoic lens of perception and acknowledge the truth. We provide a safe space to counter life’s darkness with the grace and light of compassion.


One of the greatest contributions we can make to the world is to radiate our light and use it to inspire a divine spark within another. We come together to create a dynamic experience that is both very personal – and simultaneously engaged and supported. In our travels, trainings and our daily practice we gather as a community of people who practice enlightenment and encourage each other to boldly step into our inherent power and to be the source of light to the world around us.

You will find Piper leading trainings, hosting workshops, guiding daily practices and traveling the world through Global Soul’s retreats. Not only is she the founder of Global Soul, she embodies it’s beliefs, practices it’s teachings and is embedded in the program offerings.

Looking to connect with Piper? Reach out here.

Meet Our Team

The Global Soul Team

Piper is the founder and creative force behind Global Soul. With over 15 years of experience, she takes these philosophies far beyond her yogic practice – and into her every day life. She integrates a variety of lineages and tools into her practice, her motherhood and relationships, her business and her teachings.

Yoga has become a blueprint from which she has healed, expanded and built an inspired life – her goal is to share this with as many people as possible.

To learn more about Piper, click here.

Kimberly Wise is the Business Manager here at Global Soul and is helping to transform Global Soul into a global phenomenon. 

With over two and a half decades of experience in the online business and marketing realms, and a lifetime dedicated to spiritual practices, she 
understands Piper’s heart and vision for this company and is excited to partner with Piper to help Global Soul reach new heights in transforming people’s lives. She manages our strategic planning, process creation and refinement as well as team collaboration efforts. 

Tal Zucker is Piper’s Client Care virtual assistant and helps with administrative and customer service tasks. With a diverse professional background and years of experience in hospitality and customer service she understands the importance of building a community and relationships with clients. As a virtual assistant, she finds joy in helping others grow their business and seeing their dreams come true.



What They’re Saying

“This was a great teacher training program. We covered a lot of interesting material and learned so much! Overall it was a wonderful experience. I would recommend this training to others. Very grateful to be able to work with Piper.”

RACHEL EKLUND Training Graduate

“Piper has put together an incredibly diverse curriculum. I feel prepared to teach several styles of yoga and I gained solid knowledge in so many areas such as yoga history, Hindu/Buddhist philosophy, anatomy, the breath and more. She added to the in-class time with meaningful homework and a book selection that I know I will refer back to again and again. This school is appropriately called Global Soul as she puts her heart and soul into each student and creates not only a wonderful curriculum, but a wonderful experience. I strongly recommend her 200hr training course to anyone considering becoming a yoga teacher or looking to enhance their yoga knowledge.”

RACHEL WIXSON Training Graduate

“Global Soul an amazing, one-of-a-kind experience!! I would recommend it to anyone interested in yoga on any level!!”


“This program was transformative. It provides such a wealth of knowledge for the students as well as physical and practical application of the practice. I have and will continue to highly recommend this program to anyone interested in learning to teach yoga. What I took away from this training changed my life forever.”

ASHLEY GOO Training Graduate

“This program was extraordinary and life-transforming. Piper Sandifer is an experienced teacher and leader that has created a top-notch program for instructors. She is professional and cares about her students with all her heart and soul. The content of the program, the practice opportunities and rich experiences in and out of the classroom all completely exceeded my expectations.”

GIMENA MAZZETTI Training Graduate

“Piper Sandifer is SO committed to her students. She has such a passion not only for yoga, it’s philosophies and history, but for teaching this to others in a beautiful, down to earth way. I felt I was learning from a true sage in a safe and loving environment.”

ELAINE OLOFSSON Training Graduate