I was a guest on Brett Larkin’s Podcast!

My life took an instantaneous shift when I discovered yoga – after years of depression and pain – with zero doubts, I committed to not only a life-long practice, but also a new career. Yoga was my catalyst to discover a joy untouched by circumstance and I was called to use the blueprint of yoga to serve others. I set out to combine yoga, my craze of travel and her authentic concern for the matters of the human heart.

One of my yoga teacher trainers, Brett Larkin, asked me to be on her podcast recently to discuss my global yoga retreat business.

Together with Christa Janine, we discussed how to plan, when to plan, what to plan. All the ins and outs of how to create a successful yoga retreat are in this podcast episode! 

“Thinking of attending or hosting a yoga retreat this upcoming season? Don’t miss this episode with insane tips!!! Listen to ensure your next trip is pleasurable, profitable and leaves your students wanting another.

Planning a yoga retreat can seem overwhelming at first. But in my recent Uplifted masterclass for yoga teachers, we touched on all the steps by interviewing my most successful 300-Hour Yoga Teacher Training graduates who are running trips this year. If you’ve ever dreamed of teaching or leading a retreat yourself, this episode will inspire you and offer tons of practical wisdom.”