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40-Day Sadhana | Practice On-Demand Classes

Time Duration

Anytime your heart desires

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Piper Hogan

40-Day Sadhana | Practice On-Demand Classes

Challenge yourself to 40-days straight of spiritual discipline with these pre-recorded classes – saved for you directly from our live 40-Day Sadhana program – now available to practice at your fingertips.

FOCUS: In this session, explore the wonders of the Electromagnetic Field and your Aura through the same kriya and mediation daily. Learn each day a little more about your subtle energy body – even down to the scientific understanding and amplify your energy field to radiate brightly.

WHAT YOU GET: You will receive daily emails – with a new pre-recorded class each day for all 40-days (that’s right this is not just 1 single class but 40!) Join Piper in her very real, organic home-based practice, as well as amazing guest teachers during the times Piper is hosting a global yoga retreat.

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40-Day Sadhana | Practice On-Demand Classes

$ 88