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When I decided to enroll in my first Yoga Teacher Training, I dove in head first, asked no questions, saw a poster and said, “I’M IN!” My heart just pulled me directly where I needed to be. You may have that intuitive feeling too and be ready to let the experience unfold… you may also find that getting a little feel of the vibe and the topics might serve you well. That’s why we created this FREE Soul Academy Tour – so anyone who feels that spark of excitement about training can have an easy starting point! 

What it is:
This is a FREE Tour into our life-changing Soul Academy 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training. Prepare yourself to begin this yoga journey with these free resources today.

Who is it for: 
Yoga Training is for anyone who has a heart for yoga and a desire to learn more…craving a massive transformation and life expansion…and souls who know they want to step into a role as a teacher. If you have become inspired to learn about Yoga Teacher Training  – this is a great start. 

What’s included:
In this Soul Academy Tour you’ll explore the benefits of training through these FOUR FREE RESOURCES: 

  • Online Teacher Training Class – In our hybrid 200-hour program, we meet online weekly to amplify our studies. This time typically consists of short meditations, quiz reviews, teaching practice, and live class with Piper and other lead teachers. This Online Sample Class will allow you to dig in, as Piper shares one of her educational lectures.
  • Sample Syllabus – Review this PDF document that outlines the high-level topics that make up the content of our 200-hour program.  There are so many amazing things we cover – and this base level course will transform the way you understand and apply yoga.
  • Piper’s Top Favorite Training Resources – One of the questions I get the most about training – is, “What resources are best to get me started?” so we have compiled a list of Piper’s Top Favorite Training Resources. In this PDF document you will get an inside look into some of the best books and resources to start this deeply educational and spiritual experience.
  • Upcoming Class Schedule – Receive a copy of our upcoming class schedule that outlines both the online training dates, live in person training dates and locations so you can add them to your calendar!  

What to expect:
Choose when the time and the wifi is right for you and sample this Online Teacher Training Class lecture. Grab a comfy seat, a journal and pen if you are a note taker! Review the Syllabus and Top Resources List at your leisure. Use the Upcoming Class Schedule to add training dates to your calendar…and then take the next step to enroll or reach out to us with any questions to

Let us Guide You On this Tour Today:
Claim your FREE Soul Academy Tour and step into the world of this ancient discipline and transformative practice that is the Soul Academy 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training progam. Together we can: 

And expand into the world of yoga…
It’s time to bring some SOUL into your education.
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