3-Day Sadhana Sample

For the longest time I loved the idea of a daily at-home practice – a little sacred space and consistent routine to start my day…but…lol…if you have ever tried to be disciplined day in and out like that – you may have found it just as hard as I did (or maybe even never started)! This is why I created the 40-Day Sadhana Squad – to help us all lean into our practice in a way that will keep us accountable and uplifted. Try this approach with me for FREE with this 3-Day Sadhana Sample!

What it is:
This is a FREE 3-day practice to experience the amazing benefits of practicing Kundalini yoga daily. Transform through your consistency and move from discipline to total devotion.

Who is it for: 
Humans. All humans everywhere. LOL. No but really…that is the power of this practice – brand new – or super experienced with yoga or the Kundalini approach – this sample practice is for anyone who has a craving to implement tools and devotion into their own transformative journey.

What’s included:
In this 3-day practice, you’ll experience a sacred fusion of teachings that combines a variety of yogic styles in order to warm up, followed by the same Kundalini Kriya and Meditation daily. Explore the benefits of these practices below…

  • Kriya – The word kriya means action…an action in this case that leads to complete manifestation. A Kriya in the Kundalini practice is a set sequence of postures, breath and sound that are completed in the same order, for the same length of time, every time. The use of kriyas usher us into the mastery of a particular, predictable and stable state of consciousness.
  • Kundalini Meditation – Meditation is the catalyst for deep and lasting change through the use of various techniques of chanting, breathwork, visualization, and so much more.

The mind needs something to follow. The style of Kundalini offers short and effective guidance, structure, and repetition to direct your mind frequency, clear subconscious blocks, and plant seeds for transformation and prosperity.

What to expect:
Join Piper for 3 days of online guided practice. Choose when the time is right for you and sample this style of practice for 3 days in a row. Practice in consecutive days, ideally first thing in the morning, to experience fullness of this daily routine. These recorded sessions can be done at home or where ever your soul leads you that has wifi. Grab a mat, meditation pillow, a journal and pen.

Begin today:
Claim your FREE 3-Day Sadhana Sample and step into a new habit and routine that can truly heal, transform and expand your life! It’s time to be:

Through a daily spiritual discipline.

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FREE 3-Day Sadhana Sample!