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At Global Soul, we offer more than just body movement. We use yoga to heal, evolve and expand. We guide our practitioners with a variety of yogic tools, technologies and experiences to develop a deep connection within their body, mind and soul.

We offer more than just body movement.

Live joyfully.
Connect deeply.
Experience fully.

At Global Soul, we guide our practitioners with a variety of yogic tools, technologies and experiences to develop a deep connection within their body, mind and soul.

We use our practice to awaken and elevate our consciousness and partner that with a willingness to grow and expand. We accept the “hard” in life and train to use pain as heat that aids in our own spiritual transformation…choosing to live joyfully within each circumstance.

We use yoga to heal, evolve and expand.

Exciting things are here!


Below are a selection of our upcoming offerings within Daily Practice, Global Experiences & GSY Academy. CLICK HERE to view the full list of offerings.

40-Day Sadhana | At-Home Daily Practice

Live Joyfully and experience your life transform with this consistent, at-home practice. Sadhana means, “go straight to the goal”. Daily, for 40-days, Piper guides this community through an at-home, daily personal practice consisting of a mix of yoga styles, breath work, guided meditations, mat-side journaling and more!

200 Hour | Hybrid Teacher Training

This hybrid online & in-person yoga teacher training program is for yoga students looking to teach yoga as a professional yoga instructor or simply to deepen their personal practice.

Experience the tools, techniques and yogic philosophies fully in this hybrid online and in-person 200-hour teacher training program. Equip yourself to heal, transform and expand through the massive deepening of your own practice. This program is also for students who want to earn their certificate to teach as a professional yoga instructor.

Morocco 2024 | Mystical Morocco Yoga Retreat

Fall in love with Morocco on this enchanting road-trip style yoga retreat. Caravan with our soul squad from mystical Marrakech, through the Atlas Mountains and out to the enchanting camp site in the Sahara Desert. Reserve your spot today – this retreat has limited spots!


What They’re Saying

“This was a great teacher training program. We covered a lot of interesting material and learned so much! Overall it was a wonderful experience. I would recommend this training to others. Very grateful to be able to work with Piper.”

RACHEL EKLUND Training Graduate

“Piper has put together an incredibly diverse curriculum. I feel prepared to teach several styles of yoga and I gained solid knowledge in so many areas such as yoga history, Hindu/Buddhist philosophy, anatomy, the breath and more. She added to the in-class time with meaningful homework and a book selection that I know I will refer back to again and again. This school is appropriately called Global Soul as she puts her heart and soul into each student and creates not only a wonderful curriculum, but a wonderful experience. I strongly recommend her 200hr training course to anyone considering becoming a yoga teacher or looking to enhance their yoga knowledge.”

RACHEL WIXSON Training Graduate

“Global Soul an amazing, one-of-a-kind experience!! I would recommend it to anyone interested in yoga on any level!!”


“This program was transformative. It provides such a wealth of knowledge for the students as well as physical and practical application of the practice. I have and will continue to highly recommend this program to anyone interested in learning to teach yoga. What I took away from this training changed my life forever.”

ASHLEY GOO Training Graduate

“This program was extraordinary and life-transforming. Piper Sandifer is an experienced teacher and leader that has created a top-notch program for instructors. She is professional and cares about her students with all her heart and soul. The content of the program, the practice opportunities and rich experiences in and out of the classroom all completely exceeded my expectations.”

GIMENA MAZZETTI Training Graduate

“Piper Sandifer is SO committed to her students. She has such a passion not only for yoga, it’s philosophies and history, but for teaching this to others in a beautiful, down to earth way. I felt I was learning from a true sage in a safe and loving environment.”

ELAINE OLOFSSON Training Graduate

So grateful for so many fantastic moments. Click below to see our photo albums from Global Soul offerings.

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