How Would Your Life Change with a Consistent
At-Home Practice?


 Join Piper daily as she opens her home each morning to share her home-based daily personal practice.


Piper brings together the hatha physical practices she loves dearly with the systematic technologies of Kundalini.
This FUSION of styles is hard to find in a led class!

Using a combination of:

  • Deep dives into the chakras
  • Breath work
  • Powerful personal affirmations
  • Mat-side journaling

and much more….

You will learn to leverage yogic kriyas in a practical, personal, powerful way to address and rewire your deeply-rooted beliefs.

Whether you’re an experienced yogi, yoga teacher, new to yoga, or somewhere in between….this
40-Day Sadhana membership is for you!

Why 40 Days?

Watch the video below….

Stop Telling Yourself…


“I’ll start/stop that habit tomorrow”….

and STOP taking random yoga classes!

Let Piper’s 40-Day Sadhana membership guide you through a well-planned daily practice to help address and rewire your deeply-rooted habits.

Let the NEW habit of a daily, systematic approach chart your course.

Feel Safe & Empowered…


Our private Facebook group is provided for those who desire a consistent at-home yoga practice and would like a place to ask questions, post about break-throughs or want to connect with others on the same path.

We affectionately refer to our community as the “Sadhana Squad”.


Imagine Your Life More…







and Joyful…

It’s possible with a
40-Day Sadhana Membership!


Just $119 per month


March 8 – April 16, 2023


What’s Included:

  • 40-Daily Live Zoom Classes with practices designed to clear emotional turmoil, awaken your purpose, spark imagination and creativity, and align with the expansiveness of your spirit. Taught live by Piper and occasional guest teachers. The classes start at 6am PST each day with recordings of each day’s practice sent out via email. 


  • Kick-Off Live Zoom call with Piper to identify areas of focus for the 40-Day experience


  • Q&A Live Zoom call with Piper to receive direct support around all the questions you have regarding the practice, specific Kriya or meditations and connect live with the rest of the community


  • Daily Journal Prompts for self-reflection and growth


  • Sadhana Squad Support through a private Facebook group to connect and share as we move through this beautiful journey


  • Suggestions to compliment and deepen your experience 

*All materials are recorded and available for duration of course.

If you have never practiced 40 days straight, especially the same Kriya and meditation, this course is definitely for you! Join us for one 40-Day set or become one of the many long term students who have made this a cornerstone of their daily routine.